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Industrial Department


• Mechanical works
• Overhaul pumps, valves
•Preventive maintenance
• Predictive maintenance
• Multi-technical works (lighting, control panels, piping, instrumentation, …)
• Repair work
• Lubrication
• Perform checklists
• Inspections
• Industrial relocations
• Repairs: ◦ Restoring overhead cranes
• Restore harbor cranes and harbor blocks
• Overhauling gearboxes
• Triggering
• Cabin downs

Workshop takes care of the manufacture of all kinds of supplies and parts for the different sites.

This applies to the “Projects”, “Services” and to third parties.
Various experienced metalworkers and welders who manufacture all kinds of constructions work in our workshops. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum are used.
(Aluminum and stainless steel are of course treated and stored in a separate workshop.)

A selection from our machine park:

  • CNC lathe
  • CNC milling machine
  • Plasma tables
  • Folding and cutting tables
  • Pressing
  • Crimping machine for pipes

specialized in providing qualified personnel for various technical assignments. This for both mechanical and electrical assignments.

For this there are various technicians, who have a solid knowledge and a good many years of experience, ready for you.

We can assist you with:

  • Maintenance technicians
  • Fault technicians
  • PLC programmers
  • Certified welders (TIG, MAG)
  • Mechanics
  • Project successors and leaders

Our flexibility is indeed very important in this domain.

Breakdowns, preventive and curative maintenance, relocation of production lines, starting up of technical installations and the like, are tasks that are performed by our people on a daily basis and with which they can be of service to you.


  • Maintenance and repairs of installations
  • Solve electrical faults
  • Adjusting production processes
  • Making and placing metal structures
  • Perform welding work
  • Assembling production lines
  • Industrial relocations
  • Installing industrial pipelines